The Holistic Universe of W.D. Gann – Part III

How to Understand WD Gann’s Work

Viewing WD Gann’s work through the lens of his Natural World View opens a fresh doorway of understanding and perception.

It provides a ‘World View’ to help better understand and interpret WD Gann’s work. Evidence from quantum physics proves that without question that we’re living within a holographic inter-connected Universe and Astrology was an ancient tool which represented this natural connection in earlier civilizations.

Astrology wasn’t so much a predictive tool as a map of the energies associated with certain areas of the sky. These otherwise invisible sky areas could be pinpointed using our local planets, Sun and Moon as pointers and record keepers of events associated with those geometric sky points. These indicated points of charge & discharge which, in turn, were reflected or became causal factors in Earth-based ‘Events’ of noticeable or historical importance.

Therefore, this viewpoint of what we refer to as ‘Nature’ was nothing more than the ‘Science’ of another, more holistic culture.

Thought of in this way, it’s plain to see that Astrology was really a more holistic and sophisticated version of our modern clock. Our modern clocks just show us the hours of the Earth’s ‘Day’, while, the Astrological ‘Clock’ has several more ‘hands’ (one for each Planet including the Sun & the Moon) to it indicating the state of the entire Solar System.

This more ancient perception provides a new dimension of perspective as different as that shown between a microscope and a telescope. Both use lenses but the scope of their perceptions reveal two entirely different worlds.


WD Gann’s world was one of Price, Time, Volume, Astrology, Mathematics, History and Geometry. In Gann’s world these all were connected with threads mostly defined by Mathematics and Geometry.

Astrology was included only in the sense that the placements of planetary objects were just another view of the world we live in and, therefore, had connections that weren’t so much magnetic or even electrical in nature, but, primarily Mathematical and Time related.

One of WD Gann’s number wheels is shown on this page and symbolizes the wholeness of the Circle which represents a complete Cycle. Geometry is the underlying reality of this World View and is also indicated by different shapes shown within the circle.

Mr. Gann developed many of his techniques using this ancient perspective and, I believe that this same alternate view of Nature will aid you in your WD Gann studies as well. – George

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