The Psychology Of Trading The Markets

Astrology & Market Psychology . . . One Predicts The Other

Doctor Carl Jung, the founder of the most accurate branch of Psychology (Jungian Psychology) was an avid student of Astrology.

Dr. Jung was able to integrate the study of Astrology, with it's vast archive of powerful personal archetypes, and connect it to the insights into Human Behavior that has become the study of Psychology today.

The Markets are intimately connected to Psychology. We've explored this over the years in previous articles, but, let us just say that the Markets display the consensus of the public's mass consciousness of the markets at any one time.

What Dr. Jung refers to in his quote to the left is that, (as WD Gann was fond of quoting as well), 'There is nothing new under the Sun'. What is past is prologue and thus, History; the Study of the Past reveals patterns that can be predicted because they're part of Man's very Nature & Experience.

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