The Second-Stage Burn of Yesterday’s Crude Oil Price Rocket

​CRUDE OIL'S ​SECOND_STAGE to it's price rocket ​engaged and fired today. ​

Our 'Intra-Day Solar Traders' gave the SELL EXIT and BUY Signal this morning and just continued adding up the rewards with an additional potential $1,600+ Dollars (AND COUNTING!) on top of yesterday's $1,900 Dollars and, this doesn't include the last SELL signal we gave at the end of yester day's upswing which could have yielded an additional potential $300 or so.

That's over $3,800 Dollars in potential profits folks (and still counting as of this posting!) in just the last two-day's time. One Market. One Contract only.

This is why Day-Trading is the Great Business that it is: IF you can discipline yourself to follow a great trading system and a risk management PLAN.

​We have the great day-trading methods for you, if you have the will and discipline to use them properly, potential gains like these can routinely be realized. Drop me an e-mail. Make it a Great New Financial Year. - George.

NOTE: This is the SEASON for our HOLIDAY SPECIALS. Drop me an e-mail with your Course of interest and I'll get back with the best quote possible as my Holiday Greeting to You! ​

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  • November 21, 2019