The 'Trader's Moon' Legacy

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This Revolutionary Understanding of the Harmony Possible Between The Markets and the Moon Bridges The Gap Between Astronomy & Astrology To Produce A Practical and Accurate Indicator for Price Trends and Their Turns.

As a Private Member, you'll have download and printing privileges to this main Course and it's Two-Volume Historical & Future Reference Volumes for the Lunar Cycles.

Markets will go on into the distant future although economic conditions will change. By concentrating on Natural Laws and those aspects that will never change, I've completed a unique trading Course and Guide that you can value enough to pass on down to your Family as your special gift and Legacy.

When you come right down to it, there aren't many things that can outlast ourselves and our Lifetime. Certainly not physical things like our cars or our bank accounts.

But, Knowledge; especially generation-lasting Knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can pass along.

​Invest in a non-depleting asset; The 'Trader's Moon' ​Method is one of those very rare, generation-lasting gifts that fits the bill perfectly. Have immediate access for a new, lower donation level than ever before.

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