The Trader’s ‘Seed’




 In the noble Quest for market Wisdom, one must advance by taking measured steps towards greater understanding.

Step-By-Step up the Right Path will take you to the top of your Game.

Each step learned is then applied to complete that circle of understanding.

In this way, as one proves themselves ‘worthy’ on the market battlefield they automatically qualify to rise to the next level.

Successful Trading and Investing, as with Nature, starts with a ‘seed’, a point to start that is ironically complete in itself, but, which can also lead to greater, higher levels of Knowledge and Understanding.


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For Traders & Investors, this Journey begins with a sound trading technique that can accurately analyze the current market and determine trend and reversal points to watch for changes in the ongoing trend. This technique should be so fundamental and Natural Law-based that it will apply to ANY market; a method that will not only give accurate results and insights, but, also open one’s mind to a larger, underlying order to the  markets and, yes, even Life itself.

I’d like to offer you that ‘Seed’ today in the form of a technique called ‘The Stairway Trading Method’.

This knowledge and charting technique is so fundamental, pure and effective a concept that it has shaken market professionals (including former Hedge Fund operators) who only wish they could have known this information earlier!

In keeping with the importance of starting the New Year right, I’m offering a special Holiday price for ‘The Stairway Trading Method’. Even if you’ve written to me for prices before during the last year and held off purchasing this method, I urge you to write me now. Such an offer!! But, only for the narrow Holiday time-period window.

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  • December 20, 2015