​Trade Opportunities: ​The ​E-mini ​Trade-of-the-Day

NOTE: ​All charts are for illustrative purposes only. They show where trading signals would theoretically occur using a particular trading method. These are hypothetical trades only that show timing potential for each method for comparative purposes and are shown for their educational content only and not as advisories or recommendations.

The E-mini S&P 500 (ESM19) provided us with two excellent profit opportunities already today. ​

First, a BUY opportunity at the start of the day around 7 AM which ended in less than two-hours for a potential profit of $350 usd.

Secondly, this exit or SELL signal gave us the opportunity to ride the market downwards for our second trade-of-the-day. This second trade could have yielded $850 usd alone in potential profit. 

This second trade took less than 2-hours to complete.

​So, you have 2 separate trades taking less than 4-hours of trading time to complete for a total potential profit of $1,200 usd in total per  contract.

​The 'Excalibur Prime' Trading Technique provides a goldmine of trading opportunities for the intra-day and 24-hour markets. You're looking at still another example of this on the above chart in today's post.

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