​ Change ​Trading Perspective: Change Your Results?

​For many years, I concentrated on the 'logical', business-oriented aspects of trading.  As a result, Trading became a personalized, egocentric activity which was a stressful and energy-draining experience.

Consider ​Trading As A 'Game', instead of a Battle . . .

When I changed my perspective and approach to one of 'playing a strategic 'game' instead of just a buying and selling competition, a great deal of stress just floated away and my predictive results aligned more closely to what the market was actually doing.

​Oddly enough, this changed trading perspective was accompanied by lower risk, not greater.

There are several market traps that are more easily avoided when taking the 'Game' approach.

​One of them is that each trade is just another 'game' play and not given a great financial significance that is out-of-line with it's real value. Because of this, smaller size and leverage were now appropriate. A Plus!

​I Invite You To Observe Some of These 'Game' Plays

​In future, upcoming, posts, we'll look at some examples of how well this 'Game' approach can work using our standard price charts. This View and Philosophy will allow us to enter into promising trends early, and, to ​stay with trends longer while not being distracted by the main opponent of the 'Game': Random Market Price 'Noise' 

This approach doesn't in any way negate the trading methods we've discovered over the decades, but, it does allow us to apply them in a more rational way.

​​The Trading 'Game' Is Played At Two Time Levels . . .

The 'Game' is about following a TREND; but first, one must be sure that they've found the right ​trend!

The ​main distraction to selecting the 'correct' trend comes in the form of random price movements at the shorter-time frames. This is a relative notion that doesn't restrict this approach from working even intra-day (as shown on the above GOLD price chart).

​Hopefully, after some more proof, you'll give some serious consideration to ​this 'Game' approach to trading. It will likely lead to taking some very valuable and protective steps. Steps such as trading in smaller size and with less leverage as one is playing a 'game' where losses are normal. Theses are valuable steps for any trader to take, but, once a 'game' perspective is adopted, then, one has a reasonable excuse to implement them finally.

​Keep an open mind as we observe together how this approach functions on the price charts in the days and weeks ahead. I'll be writing some more on this novel approach in the posts ahead, perhaps in a course should there be reader demand. Good Trading. - George

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