Trends & What Lies Ahead (short-term)

What's Ahead For The Markets?

By George R. Harrison, Director, The International Trader's Research Academy

Well, there's the Longer-term & Shorter-term Trends to consider in order to answer the question properly.

The fact is, the shorter the Time Period being examined, the more changes in short-term trends we'll encounter. It's a mathematical fact that needs to be placed on one's library 'Truth' Shelf. Few are the 'books' or statements to be placed on that imaginary shelf, but, they will be the treasures that one can go back to again and again as they will not change with the Seasons of the Markets. This is one of them.

The shorter the time period for your price charts, the greater the volatility when it comes to short-term trend changes in price. The Number of Trend Changes is inversely proportional to the Time Period being used on your price charts. The shorter your time period for price charts (say, 5-minute charts vs. 60-minute charts or Daily charts for example), the greater the number of smaller price trends one will encounter.

Emotionally, having a grasp of the longer-term market direction provides a 'feeling' of more stability or confidence in an investor's actions. Unlike most, this is an emotion that can work for you trading.

This is one of the reasons that longer-term investments tend to be more successful. The emotional side of investing can't be ignored, but, can be worked with in this respect by always being aware of the general direction of price movement. Knowing this will color the overall direction of our trades, (long-side vs. short-side), as we want to be in tune with the longer trend for price direction.

This translates to BUYING into UP Trends and SELLING into Down Trends.

We have developed and discovered several excellent tools for determining & following longer-term price trends (check under our 'Trading Courses' menu tab at the top of this web page to view some of them)

Intra-day trading, on the other hand, focuses on such small increments of time that one must make a  trade off the stability of holding on to a trade for the ability to detect the next intra-day trend change as quickly as possible.

That's why the Academy now offers what have to be the fastest trend-shift detection trading methods available anywhere ( the 'Intra-Day Solar Trader', 'Fibonacci Trends' and the 'Exponential Trading Method are tops in this specialized skill area). They're 'built' to optimize profit-taking and entry/exit points at the shortest of time frames.

I encourage you to consider employing one of these excellent tools during this new trading year.

Looking Ahead Just A Bit, Then, For The Next WEEK . . .

The above directions are highly probable (greater than 80%), but, they're only a guide which must be checked with the Template of one of our trading methods for even greater Accuracy & Timing.

Our Very Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year to All our Clients, Students & Visitors.

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