Updating Our ‘Outrageous’ Stock Market Forecast


(Another of) Our ‘Outrageous’ Stock Market Forecasts Comes True

Back on February 22nd, I wrote this Post:

Stock Market Trends: The Path Least Expected

Can a Stock Market Bull be found anywhere these days?

It’s  taken a while and some pretty scary headlines to do it, but, the eternal bulls of the previous decade have finally been silenced only to pick up the eternal damnation song of the Bear Market crowd. A little prematurely, I might add.

dow1At times like these, as I’ve written before, one needs to stand back and assess the ‘mindset of the many’.

If you do take the time to really look at the markets and use historical perspective (instead of newsmedia-driven emotions and justifications) to make your decisions, you’ll find that you’ll be standing pretty much alone in your conclusions.

When looking at the Daily evidence, we’ll see that the trend is, unbelievably, upwards.

The chart clearly shows this to be true, regardless of the ‘feelings’ in the air to the contrary.


Pretty ‘outrageous’ stuff for that time period, eh? Well, not from today’s point of view!

Let’s look at where we are relative to the 16,500 level when that post was published.

djiaThe naysayers and doomsayers kept up their relentless Bearish prognostications while the Market continued it’s rising pattern unaffected by all the words and newsprint.

Presently, the Market has advanced over 500 points higher since I wrote that post.

I hope your confirming analysis (using our proprietary techniques) allowed you to follow it’s movement and make a profit from the exercise.

Remembering, once again, that we’re heading into the Seasonal period for a top in the market, you’ll need those same techniques to catch the top turn when and if it comes in the next month.

My suggestion? Watch for some great, good news period when the Bearish pundits start to relax their outlook and dare to entertain a ‘Bull’ Market scenario.

Perhaps some political event that has positive repercussions. Watch the methods (Stairway, Excalibur or the methods from the Master Course) closely for a turn indicator to run counter to the surface ‘feelings’ of the public.

There’s just no way that the mass public will be allowed to benefit from being on the right side of this major market trend.  This isn’t meant to be a judgment call as to character, but, one about the suggestibility of the public to manufactured ‘news’. – George