W.D. Gann, Markets & ‘Astrology’



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W.D. Gann, Markets & ‘Astrology’:

Gann Applied the Planets to analyze the markets like an Astronomer and Scientist.

Back in Gann’s day, ‘Astrology’ was even more obscure and less publicly accepted than it is today. However, the Astrological Ephemeris  was a great source of valuable data about the planets over long periods of time.

I’ve found sufficient evidence over the last decade to verify what Mr.Gann himself admitted; that an accurate study of how the planets influence Earthly markets should be based more on mathematics and science and less on traditional means such as Astrology.

I tried to avoid this area of Gann’s work for many years, but, eventually research revealed a ‘key’ that allowed for a clinical dissection of core truths from the clutter of pagan tradition and myth. It’s what lies BEHIND so-called ‘Astrology’ that holds the Truth we need to better understand the Markets.

When used for chart analysis & market predictions, this information has historically yielded and still yields very accurate, startling information about the Cycles of Bull & Bear Markets.

By the way, the chart above shows us to be at the end of an astronomic Cycle of Ascension with an upcoming year of turmoil and strong potential decline ahead. The S&P 500 has already crossed into this weakness area.

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