WD Gann: For Speculators & Investors . . .



W.D. Gann urged all students of the Markets to study and learn from past experience and History.

I’d add that there are Universal Concepts that always have applied and still apply to the Markets.

These concepts are largely invisible to traders and investors and, one must learn them in one of two ways: through long years of experience through loss and failure or, alternatively, by learning from others who have discovered these Market Truths independently.

Nature will respect either Path to Truth.

If one chooses the second way, they can obtain the information and wisdom of decades in a short time.

This way one may substitute a tuition fee for the long years of personal study, test and failure.

Money thus substitutes for Time in this choice, but, one still must possess the self-control and discipline to apply what is learned.

If you’d prefer to choose this Second Path to Market Truths, then, I’d like to encourage you to take a closer look at The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course or the other Separate and Unique Courses and sets of technical trading method discoveries available on this website exclusively.

They will save you decades of work and tens of thousands in losses from ‘learning-by-mistake’.

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