W.D. Gann and G.R. Harrison; Each Taking . . .

​. . . .The Path Less Traveled

Mr. ​G.R. Harrison - Academy Director

​I've never been one for following crowds.

​​It just didn't work out in the long run.

​From my observations & experience, Success seemed to travel a different pathway from the paved highway that everyone else seemed to think was the 'road to success'.

​This was particularly so when it came to Trading and one's approach to it.

​The 'crowd' just seemed to hold a particularly consistent and wrong position when it came to trends and fears. W.D. Gann knew this & took the 'Path Less Traveled' in his trading career too.

I suspect you've come to similar conclusions. Especially as you've come to this website and are visiting the posts that have been posted here now for many years.
If you're a long-time guest to this website, then you've seen how we've (collectively) found excellent turns in market trends time and time again, in market after market, both intra-day and long-term.

​You also know by now that the source of these uncanny market calls are our trading methods and discoveries made over the last almost 50-Years, much of it derived from Master Trader W.D. Gann himself.

Mr. Gann was our starting point and he had such a deep, profound understanding of the Markets, Numbers and Time, that he has remained a guiding light through the whole journey to this day. ​

​I credit him and his published & private works with providing me the inspiration to keep on keeping on over these many trying years and decades.

​Even when I couldn't seem to pull the threads of his knowledge together; Time and Persistence were the ultimate cure which always led on to greater depths of understanding.

Eventually, the work accumulated and became a large collection of publications which I've shared with just a few traders over these past few years.

This accumulation has finally prompted me to create 'The GR Harrison Private Trading Academy Membership Group'.

This website will be transitioning into that private group over the coming months so that I can offer my collected works to a dedicated group of interested and motivated students and traders.
Even as we go private, word will be spread around more than ever about our Trading Academy knowledge source so that even greater numbers of students may, at least, know that we exist and, hopefully, actively procure some of these methods and techniques for themselves if they are prompted to make a gift contribution to our continued work.

About our Work, for a moment, if I may.
There is still much research information that is left to transfer & compile (from my research notebooks & charts) into manual publication form. Like with the Master Course Modules, this will sometimes be a collection of discoveries all included within a single, easy-to-read manual. At other times, a particularly effective method will merit a course manual of it's very own.
​However, at this point, those will be rare and will be​ extremely valuable when released.

It's this work, a work of dedication and love of the subject matter, that I'm requesting your gift contributions for, so that I may continue to assemble, publish and make available these unique understandings of the Markets in their many manifestations. Long and Short-term charts that record the history of, not just markets, but, of how Humanity responds to Optimism, Greed, Hesitation and Fear and how the cycles of these emotions are highly predictable in the end, has been the objective and the accomplishments we've enjoyed.

I wish to share that with all of you who desire the same objectives but, who have limited time to dedicate to the search. I've given the Time, so, you won't have to. Best wishes for your Trading Success. - George

​Below is just an example of what our latest Trading Method Discovery 'The Cross-Hairs' Timing Effect can do in 4 of the most popular futures markets on an intra-day basis. There are many more techniques that await your personal discovery within our Gift Contribution Level Catalog for The GR Harrison Private Trading Academy. Join our Private Group today. We have 2 Levels of membership and the first Level is FREE for those who agree to abide by our Privacy Standards.

NOTE: All charts are for illustrative purposes only. They show where trading signals would theoretically occur using a particular trading method. These are hypothetical trades only that show timing potential for each method for comparative purposes and are shown for their educational content only and not as advisories or recommendations.

​*** All Our Research & Publication work is now made possible through  your generous gift contributions. Send for our Private Trading Academy Contribution Gift Levels Catalog today.

Write a private email to: george@wdgann-lost-secrets.com