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It's a bit ironic, but, the real Key to catching and profiting from the strong price trends lies in one's Mastery of the Non-Trending Markets First!

The first instinct of almost every non-professional trader that reads that statement will be a 'so what?' attitude and a quick look to see if there's something exciting and trending going on in the rest of this post.

But, this Post isn't for them. No, this Post is for those traders who've 'paid their dues' through struggle, market losses and aggravation. It's you Traders who will have enough respect to take pause and absorb what I'm writing here.

To those of you who are taking that time to understand, I thank you for showing respect to the over 50-Years of Market Watching experience that lies behind those words written above.

The very crucial concepots surrounding the above Truths are contained with two of our Courses, The Excalibur 2: Mastering Sideways Markets and, now, our New 'Breakout Point Trading' Course.

As you can read above, some of our long-time supporters and followers have connected the two courses together to create a powerful, self-confirming and synergistic pair of trading courses.

For those of you who haven't had access yet to the Excalibur 2 Course, you can now obtain it at the same time that you obtain access to our New companion volume 'Breakout Point Trading', and, at a very special COMBO price.

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  • Did You Know that there's another Fundamental Element of Nature and Nature's Law that is at work in the Markets BESIDES Price and Time?
  • Did You Know that Trading Zones or Ranges don't just 'happen', but, are the result of another Force of Nature that is both flexible and un-yielding in it's Effects on price ranges and Trend Breakouts?
  • Are You Aware that almost ALL of price behavior can be expressed as a derivative of the Technique Revealed within our New, 'Breakout Point Trading' Course?

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