Wow! Did The Stock Panic Just End?

​The Reality of This Stock Market Pull-back Has Been Hidden From You.

One of the foundational elements of W.D. Gann's teachings is the reliance upon Market History to guide us.

Mankind's memory is limited in time and scope and gets pretty fuzzy after 3 or more generations have passed.

If we apply a long enough time line to the S&P 500 Stock Index (say, 20-years), we'll come to an amazing conclusion or two.

One of these will be that, for all the PR and Panic Reporting in the media, once again, they're reporting 'fake', opinionated news when they focus on the falling stock market.

"Potter isn't Selling, Potter is Buying! Why? Because we're panicking and he's not."                    - George Bailey, It's A Wonderful Life. 

​Someone Out There Is BUYING!

​I'm old enough to have seen a lot of these downswings (from the 1960's on wards) by now, and, every one of them was experienced as a 'catastrophic event' emotionally at the time by the 'public' as they were taking place. 

Everyone thought that this was 'the big one' and all was over. Well, it wasn't.

But, is that the case with the Stock Market over the last few weeks? Or, have we been fooled into a panic because of the vast inter-contentedness of all markets worldwide today.

In fact, markets are so interconnected, that virtually all the stock index charts in the world right now look the same with one exception . . . China (which shows how propagandized and controlled their so-called 'free market' stock exchange really is).

To hear them report it, and, according to their charts, nothing has happened economically at all. Fat chance of that!

Their Shanghai Stock Index is such an aberration to the 'norm' that one can be absolutely confident that they're fabricating and skewing their figures to hide the hideous 'Truth'. Just as they did with the virus pandemic figures they held back from the World.

In both cases, people are damaged from this lack of truthfulness.

​There is another Grand Cycle that we're now going through which most don't recognize as happening; The over-turning and replacement of governments & politicians to be replaced by those who have gained 'Trust' through their actions instead of their 'words'.

Dishonest governments can't be trusted to ever tell the truth and the shift is now happening that will restructure the world economic scene and leave those who are dishonest both in politics and the markets, behind.

Speaking for myself, I can't wait for the shift to be completed.

​Open your minds and eyes and look around the World and you'll see signs of just this very event happening or beginning to happen everywhere. 

Globalism is dying and is almost dead now. The Pandemic has vastly accelerated the change to be sure.

 People are now becoming aware that 'Inter-connectedness' had ​severe downside liabilities and the virus pandemic is bringing these weaknesses to light and to our attention abruptly. 

Borders, it turns out, are important for safety and economic reasons and this delayed Lesson has been reserved for  this Generation to learn.

The present 'lock-downs' will create a revival of appreciation for the fundamental Rights of the Individual as opposed to the heavy handed antics of the state. People will then be able to make a choice based on experience and a renewed appreciation of what really matters in Life.

​Those of us who have learned some of the longer-term perspectives taught by Mr. Gann, have a distinct advantage during these present 'chaotic' times.

​The Chart below is for the SPY over a 20-Year period and, if you'll note the white line running from left-to-right, you'll see how our recent 'crash' was only able to go down to the long-term support that has been under this market all the while!

​Also, if one can just step back a little bit, you'll see that the market is only down to where it was LAST YEAR! Not a very big push-back after all, is it?

What Isn't Expected. A Strong Rally Upwards.

What isn't being discussed in the news? There's nothing about a stock market comeback mentioned at any time or anywhere!

But, based on the chart above, should we rule a strong Stock Market Rally as really out of the question? I think not. I've reported, on many occasions on this website just such a scenario and, each time so far, it's proceeded as predicted.

Could this be the 'big one'? Well, it will happen someday, but, we'll need more evidence than a pullback of prices to the same area they were in just last year; a few short months ago!

So, to my readers, I caution to 'expect the unexpected' and, don't subscribe to 'fear' especially when promoted by the lying media. Profit Opportunities await regardless, but, use our tools to detect them and don't become emotionally attached to the opinions of others. Use some Market History to be your guide. Best of Success my friends! - George