Master Course Availability

Rarity | Limited Access | Unique & Re-Discovered Market Structure Discoveries

The Master Course emerged from over four-decades of research, application and trading in both the Stock, Commodity and Forex Markets. I’ve carefully released it’s secrets to only a few handful of clients who desired to better understand the real workings of the market. These courses tell us how to take advantage of the market’s subtle whispers about it’s plans for the future. It’s about translating the price and time clues and being early to take action on what we discover.

I will release this collection to only a few more this year. It may not be publicly offered again after these remaining few.

This will only be the end of the instructional portion of a project that will be offered to international investors and traders soon. Be sure to sign up as a member. Only members will be contacted privately for the next phase of this international project. – George




Excellent portfolio & fund management doesn’t necessarily require frequent trading to beat all competitors, but, instead, requires accurate and sound positioning of long-term holdings in strong trending markets.

The ability to determine just where those long-running trends are manifesting and how to follow them safely is what The Excalibur Method offers to today’s discerning investor and manager.

Today’s popular investment approaches are too fast-changing to adopt for the best fiduciary management of a portfolio.

One needs to have a tool to assist them in providing the very best results for clients and to display one’s world-class management potential. Consider the potential for yourself and your management needs.

Contact me for cost & availability by CLICKING HERE. Thank you. – George