A Canadian Dollar Trade Using Our Private ‘Cross-Hairs’ Timing Technique

An Intra-Day Forex Trade Opportunity . . .

NOTE: All charts are for illustrative purposes only. They show where trading signals would theoretically occur using a particular trading method. These are hypothetical trades only that show timing potential for each method for comparative purposes and are shown for their educational content only and not as advisories or recommendations.

​This Private Trading Technique will help you to pick ​important  turning points in even with short-term trends.

'Rome Wasn't Built in a Day' and, neither will your Trading Education.​

​The Cross-Hairs Market Timing Effect

The Cross-​Hairs Market Timing Effect​ was conceived and derived from a Principle that was mentioned by W.D. Gann in one of his writings many years ago. Overlooked by virtually every one of the few traders who have even read his courses and writings. Mr. Gann only mentioned this important 'item' in passing,

​WD Gann seldom mentioned things that were unimportant, I decided to dig deeper; much deeper to see what treasure awaited below the surface. Eventually, I found the hidden 'Gold' that lay beneath the surface fact. What I found 'worked' with enough frequency (over 87.5%+ by my estimation) to be a valuable addition to our ​Private Course Collection' for your generous Gift.

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