BitCoin Success with Combined Trading Methods

     Bitcoin's big upsurge in price predicted it's very downfall.

    The only safe way to play markets this volatile, . . .

    . . . Is to understand their limitations & grab profits quickly.

Exponential upswings in price will reveal their built-in limitations to those 'in the know'.

By George R. Harrison

Back on April 27th we showed how using one of our trading methods called 'The Stairway Trading Method' could have revealed an ideal early BUY price for what became a monstrous upswing in the market known as Bitcoin.

Once the upswing started to take off, an additional and very valuable course called 'The Exponential Trading Method' could have been called into play.

'Exponential' is built especially for volatile, fast-moving markets nearing their tops or bottoms. It's specialty is to catch these reversal points before almost any other method in existence.

It certainly accomplished that with the Bitcoin market by giving a signal to exit before this market pulled back over $500 in price.

The important lesson here for our clients and visitors is to observe how well two or more of our special trading methods can work together to accomplish the goal of maximum profits and minimum risk.

I'd add another comment as well.

A Market is a Market. Profit is the name of the Game and, as long as there's adequate volume to sustain entries and exits immediately and reasonable spreads on the bid & ask prices, there's no reason to ignore opportunities when they arise even if the market seems 'exotic' or unfamiliar.

Does the fact that I've focused on Bitcoin here mean that I think that this market will last forever and replace Gold? No, it doesn't.

But, when Opportunity presents itself by analyzing a market according to the above mentioned criteria and our special course methods, one should opt to take advantage of the opportunity however short-lived the time frame may be. Profit is profit. However, one must always use money management and loss control as the first priority.

Opportunity-spotting is just what methods like 'Stairway', 'Excalibur', 'Exponential'. 'Trader's Moon and our other courses are all about. They take the 'noise' of market price confusion and filter out the meaningless data and, better yet in my opinion, they teach you how to do this apart from a computer or the chains of specialized software which you don't understand.

With our Courses you will learn an extremely valuable and powerful SKILL that will last and serve you for a Lifetime.

Are you ready? Are you seriously interested in learning some of our unique trading techniques? Then take a few moments to E-mail me HERE. The new Catalog of our offerings is now available.