Commodities: The Important Key to Value-based Wealth Accumulation

​Cash or Futures Markets Offer Many Opportunities and . . . There Are Real Substances Behind The Prices!

​Though few have ever heard of it, RHODIUM is one of the rare metals that have been making handsome percentage gains un-noticed by the media.

This is an example of a cash market, but, even without the advantages leveraged margin, wonderful gains have been possible.

​I contrast this with the Crypto-markets as their prices are similar to those recently for Bitcoin, but, unlike with Bitcoin, there's something real & substantial behind the prices quoted.

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​You'll note in the above table for commodity gains for the last 10-Years ​that ​there's only one year in the last 10 that had a negative return. ​This means that 90% odds have been for a positive percentage return during the last Decade.

​14-Markets are displayed. And, be mindful that the percentage gains are for the CASH VALUE of each commodity in turn. Margined Futures accounts would have yielded much, much higher Gains than those shown above. NOTE that RHODIUM wasn't even included in the list above!

There was only one losing year and nine-years with positive cash gains ranging from 10% to 103% for the best of the 14 Markets. ​

Follow these markets and follow their trends using our Unique, Trading Analysis Tools & Methods and take advantage of these yearly potentials.

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  • February 6, 2020