Crude Oil Breaks Out

​​​A further confirmation of our earlier post about rising Crude Oil prices has been provided by our EXCALIBUR TRADING METHOD.

​Today's price actions ​have crossed us into a much stronger upwards price trend environment​​​

​​THE EXCALIBUR TRADING METHOD ​indicates on the 2-week basis, that a brand new and stronger uptrend price momentum is entering the Crude Oil Market.​​​

​As shown on the chart above with the red circle, price crossed that Resistance Line today.

​THE EXCALIBUR TRADING METHOD ​generally provides excellent indications for longer-term moves and, in this case, using the Daily Chart, we should expect an uptrend lasting a few weeks before a serious pull-back occurs.​​​

This information hasn't leaked down to the average investor as yet, and, probably won't until a top is ready to be put in. Also, refer to my earlier post about participating in Crude Oil using the ETFs as a low-cost way to trade in these commodity trends when they occur. ​George 

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