What The ‘Public’ Trader Cannot See . . .

Successful Traders have outlooks that go against 'The Crowd'. That's just the price one must pay for seeing what others cannot or are unwilling to.

Let's Take the Stock Market for example: While the masses are planning for bonfires and total destruction of the markets, something entirely different is forming and taking place right in front of their eyes.

Those same eyes, that refuse to acknowledge what seems to be illogical and an impossibility: That the Stock Market is highly likely to go HIGHER, not Lower as expected!

​First, comes the shorter-term trend turn as shown on the chart above.

​A most encouraging sign amidst all the nay saying, talking heads in the media.

​But, we need more, to look for a rising market. We need MOMENTUM!

​This sign was given late last week ​when a significant milestone price point was crossed indicating still stronger moves to the upside are likely to be ahead.​​​ Let's watch this play out shall we?

Yes, I know this flies in the face of the 'experts', but, then, I've done that often before and, successfully on most occasions. It's an uncomfortable conclusion, but, Truth often is especially when almost everyone else has taken the opposite outlook.

​Still, one must adhere to Principles when things look darkest. You can count on certain mathematical structures to not be influenced by the mere opinions of Men. That's just what we're doing here.  George 

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