Monday’s Intraday SPY Outlook

​We're poised with a set of signals for Buying and Selling for today.

​We thought we'd home in at the intraday level for one of the most popular trading EFTs for today's educational exercise.

​Observe the red and green lines on the SPY price chart above. The red line when crossed will indicate a likely downtrend for the day, while, if prices are able to rise above the green line, we can expect an up  trending price move for Monday for this market.

​​Let's watch this develop. Most likely one of these points will be passed early on in the trading session.

​Intra-day trading requires some sharp skills, including the ability to shift position direction at the drop of a hat. It's required in order to keep pace with the market. If this type of trading favors your approach to trading, then, arm yourself with the best tools for the job. One which can keep up with the pace of the market itself.

​Fortunately, our premier 'Fibonacci Trends' technique is keyed to this very type of activity and change. You should have a trading tool that matches the excitement of the market you've chosen. This Course fits that bill precisely. You can detect intra-day, short-term and longer-term trend shifts using our excellent 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Method. Be sure you have this beauty in your skill-set as a Trader.  George 

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