The Stock Market’s ‘BookShelf’ Trade

​​There's an Order to the Stock Market; all markets, in fact.

​INTRA-DAY TRADE FORMATION: W​hile almost all have drawn back from the chaos of conflicting financial news stories and speculations (opinions), the Economy, at least that part represented by the Stock Market has been busy making an interesting Intra-day chart formation which I call 'The Book Shelf'.

​This peculiar chart formation hasn't been confined to just one nation's stock market, but, (as you can see by the posted charts), has been made in stock market indexes from Japan to the US to Germany.

​This formation will not last long and needs to be watched for a signal of the trend's next intention.

​Fortunately, our premier 'Fibonacci Trends' technique is keyed to this very type of activity and change. You should have a trading tool that matches the excitement of the market you've chosen. This Course fits that bill precisely. You can detect intra-day, short-term and longer-term trend shifts using our excellent 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Method. Be sure you have this beauty in your skill-set as a Trader.  George 

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