Day-Trading Amazon: Amazing . . .

​I've been asked whether this amazing 'Intra-Day Solar Trader' day-trading approach is universal enough to apply to day-trading stocks as well as futures, forex and indexes.

​The short answer again is: YES.​

​Today's example shown above is for AMAZON (symbol: AMZN).

Yes, this is an expensive stock, however, most day-traders play this market using stock options and not the shares themselves.

​This day's move was worth over $40 in price movement which represents great gains using Options prices.

​That noted, we can see that yesterday offered an opportunity for a very good upmove in CALL option prices by using the Solar Trader Signal given a little before Noon and, riding that signal up even overnight (to avoid the day-trading restrictions to account size).

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  • November 26, 2019