Twitter Makes Some Twitches . . .

​I've been asked whether this amazing 'Intra-Day Solar Trader' day-trading approach is universal enough to apply to day-trading stocks as well as futures, forex and indexes.

​The short answer is YES.​

​An example is shown above for TWITTER.

​You'll note that​ a very early clue to the first upswing in prices shown, was given just before the end of the trading session the day before the majority of the move took place. 

There was time to enter (BUY CALLS or STOCK) either on that day or early on the next trading session.

The top for this up swinging trend was perfectly signaled and, was a good place to enter a short position or to buy a PUT OPTION.

​One more reversal in direction to the LONG side could have been seized as well and, that trend was still running true as of this posting.

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