Driving The Golden Spike (Down In Prices)

​GOLD ratcheted upwards like the last rise on a Roller Coaster. ​

​Then, even more dratically, the bottom fell out of GOLD Prices and downwards the price was driven, like the Golden Spike uniting the two railroads in the US West in the 1800's.

Two amazing entry signal points were discovered using our 'Intra-Day Solar Trader' Day-Trading Method for analysis of the price chart. In retrospect, they were, again, PERFECT.

The first upwards Journey yieled about $400 +, while the SELL Signal position is still running as of this posting with a running total of potential profit of over $800 Dollars (and, still counting!).

​Note, that meethod of analysis didn't require, at any point, watching or listening to the "News"  (so-called) or getting the latest sentiment on politics either. Isn't that a refreshing thought?

​We have the great day-trading methods for you, if you have the will and discipline to use them properly, potential gains like these can routinely be realized. Drop me an e-mail. Make it a Great New Financial Year. - George.

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