Don’t Be Fooled: The Pre-Winter Natural Gas Price ‘Trap’

Don't get fooled by the high prices in Natural Gas at present. It's the Season for high prices in this Winter commodity. Observe the Seasonal Price Chart below and focus on what prices do on average in October of each Year.
This Year, there's going to be a major oversupply of Energy products from Crude Oil to Natural Gas as many, many businesses have closed down due to the pandemic overreactions.
This is going to have a depressing price effect on Natural Gas I would think, and, as our projection earlier this week was for a slide in Crude Oil prices as well, then, this current peak in Natural Gas (occurring at the expected Peak time of the Season), aligns well with an expected decrease in prices for both energy sectors.


Though the current price uptrend for Natural Gas is strong, it bears close watching for the expect top in price that seasonally occurs at this time of year.

Always Stay Conscious of the Price History of a Commodity.

The NATURAL GAS MARKET price trend can reflect as an indicator for the current State of the Economy.

Presently, we're yet to come out of our 'locked-down' economic state completely.

There's a lot of energy inventory to clear up before prices can firm up, and, still another Peace Initiative has been successfully negotiated by the Trump Administration in the general Middle East area which lowers even further the risk of war in the region. This is bearish for energy prices in general.

Again, these comments are an educational exercise and my personal opinion only (an enlightening process I've been engaged in for over half-a-century now!). Although I'm pretty sure of my analysis, I do not advise others and am not an licensed advisor. Read our Disclaimer to that effect.

But, for those who have requested it, I'll continue to evaluate a few more markets in the days to come just to get a better 'feel' for the actual trends versus the perceived trends in some of the more popular markets.

Learn How to Look Forward into the Future

The above chart is Weekly Price Chart.

As we stated in our previous posts, this longer time scale allows us to sift out price momentum, (whether up or down), more efficiently.

The current and long-term uptrend in Natural Gas appears could well be the normal peak in prices that occurrs every year at this time, and, so, may not be a part of a greater price trend drive upwards at all.

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