Watch for a Rise in the US Dollar in the Weeks Ahead

In a earlier posting, we speculated that signs point to a declining trend in the EURO post Election and that this would, in turn, seem to indicate that a rise in the value of the US DOLLAR would also take place.
This time, I've taken a look directly at the US DOLLAR Index chart itself to see if it could offer any clues that either contradict or confirm the earlier readings from the EURO.


Although the indication is early, I did detect an upwards shift in price momentum even if recent prices have been lower. So, this would be in line with our earlier EURO reading, commentary and expectations.

Markets Can Often Give Clues As To Coming Events.

The US DOLLAR INDEX price trend can reflect as an indicator for the upcoming State of the Economy.

What would a rising US Dollar represent?

This would indicate that the Economy for the US will be greatly strengthening and that Recovery is in the cards; essentially, 'Baked in the Cake' already when looking at the underlying momentum to the trend.

Again, these comments are an educational exercise and my personal opinion only (an enlightening process I've been engaged in for over half-a-century now!). Although I'm pretty sure of my analysis, I do not advise others and am not an licensed advisor. Read our Disclaimer to that effect.

This will wind up our longer-term outlook series for some major markets. If we missed your favorite Market, drop us an email with the market you'd like us to examine.

Learn How to Look Forward into the Future

The above chart is a Weekly Price Chart.

As we stated in our previous posts, this longer time scale allows us to sift out price momentum, (whether up or down), more efficiently.

The new uptrend in the US DOLLAR INDEX is what we're watching. Look for a confirmation of the Uptrend if prices for the US Dollar Index rise and close above the dotted line above the present price action on the chart above.

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