Election Year Cycles for the Stock Market



Building upon our previous post, we find further evidence that shifts probabilities for a strong Stock Market Rally in our favor with the examination of a historical cycle for the stock market during Election Years like this one.

The Election Year chart at the top of this article is founded on 116-Years of data!

This shouldn't be treated lightly, but, always remember that all cycles break at some point in time and, that's why we use more than once corroborating historical base and method to confirm and follow these trends.

Be More Informed and Less Fearful of the Future

Knowing the Historical Cycles and repetitive themes of the markets can have a calming effect overall when one is contemplating the markets.

This will put you in a truly small group of those investors who can calmly assess and react to the market while ignoring the panic headlines and crowd mentality.

Most will indeed be 'surprised' by a strong Market going towards the elections.

Trends are powerful things and, the ability to get on board a rising or falling trend is where the big returns are historically. We have the tools and educational materials that will instruct you on how to detect these potentially profitable points in time early.

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