The Market’s REAL October Surprise



The Media is generally the enemy of the individual, independent investor.

They can't help it as they're sponsored by big institutions who have their own profit agendas in the markets.

Institutional Sellers must create more Buyers at still lower prices and as Buyers must create a large number of Sellers in order to take profits off-the-table at intervals and to increase the inventory of shares available for purchase.

They do this by manipulating perceptions using the Media as one tool for example.

By creating alarm and fear of 'impending' crashes in the market, the insiders can create more liquidity by tricking owners of stock to let go of their shares out of fear, only to have those shares scooped up by the big Buyers who then drive the Stock Market up to new higher highs.

We're presently seeing this very action taking place disguised by all the other distractions of the day (pandemics, elections, etc.)

The Market Magicians Are Trying To Distract You

The current price chart shown above shows that we've ALREADY started the upswing that usually takes place at the end of October historically.

This means that we currently have a Market that is ahead of schedule but, still on course to follow it's normal upwards swing for the end of the year.

So, how do you make use of this Seasonal information as a guide to the future?

Essentially, you simply note that, over a 30-year period, stock prices have followed the general tendency to Fall from Summer into October, then, rise from that point forwards into the New Year.

Then, note what price action has been in the market and see if the trends match up closely.

Seasonal charts are 'guidelines' or averages, so, the timing may be a little early or slightly later without altering the general trend expected.

In the case of  this year, the Market has been so strong that the uptrend actually started in September instead of October.

Further confirmation will be achieved when prices take out on a Closing basis the Highs of September.

Most will indeed be 'surprised' by a strong Market going towards the elections. The Press is certainly rooting for a crash in the economy, but, when was the last time they've been proven right on anything?'

Further confirmation for what to expect. Go Opposite the Media's stance.

Trends are powerful things and, the ability to get on board a rising or falling trend is where the big returns are historically. We have the tools and educational materials that will instruct you on how to detect these potentially profitable points in time early.

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