The Stock Market Rebounds


Well, we should be used to it by now. Again, the Market has outwitted the experts.

Just when you think that it's down . . . It comes roaring back up one more time.

Using the Dow Chart above and one of our proprietary trading indicators (Excalibur I, part of our 'Master Course' Collection), we see that prices, even during their decline, failed to go through and close below our indicated Support Price Angle Line.

Here again, the public was lead to worry instead of being taught to use the momentum of actual Price History to come to conclusions about the strength or weakness of the Stock Market in general.

By learning this Powerful Trading Technique, you would have had an EARLY warning of just which price area to watch particularly closely as well as, what to watch for!

The DJIA remains strong and has re-bounded upwards from a strengthening support price level.

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