The Major Stock Index Trends To Consider

As the above chart shows and our previous post indicated, the S&P 500 is still in it's uptrend even after taking a slight dip), when looking at the Stronger Weekly Price Trends. Price remains strongly above the red support line on the chart.

The Russell 2000 gives us a much broader look at the health of the Stock Market. This Market is staying well above it's red support line meaning that the overall stronger price trend is still upwards.


The Nasdaq 100 represents the Tech Stock arena which has been the hottest of the 3 markets as 

reported by us in a previous posting.

Of the 3 markets shown on the charts above, only the Nasdaq 100 is the weaker, presently resting on it's red support line. This may be the one market which breaks even while the others remain strong for the present.

Use these charts to build your confidence and to change your mindset to a positive one based on this reality which the price charts present to us. The effects of doing so will be beneficial to you.


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