Is The Worst ALREADY Over?


  We're ALREADY In An Upswing From the Liquidity Lows!

Public Perceptions Lag the Reality. The Drought is Probably Over Already!

The Global Financial Panic of 2008 was nasty. It took many years to recover from it.

However, recover we did.

Here's the Great News; Our Angle of Recovery Now is Even Faster than 2008.

If you'll examine the chart above on the stock market's liquidity, you'll see that we've already upsurged from the lowest low in liquidity since the 2008 Panic. And, rapidly at that.

Money is coming back into the Markets in a big way now. This is a fundamental condition that underlies the actual prices we see in the Markets.

The market may still swing down (and, has these last weeks), especially going into the months of September & October, but, the true underlying condition of the Market is better indicated by looking at the actual liquidity of the Markets. Whether money is going into or out of the Market overall.

Look at the chart and change your mindset to a positive one based on this reality and not negative fake 'news'. The effects of doing so are only beneficial to you.

      Stay Upbeat and Positive Mentally and Spiritually!

Visualize Financial Victory!

Everything begins with Imagination. You must hold the image of the Goal already achieved!

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