PREPARE FOR BATTLE!: Supplement or Replace Your Income Thru Trading


  The Last 8-Months Were A Warning.

What Follows Are Choices That Only You Can Make.

Hello Friends, Traders, Students and Investors, 

I hope that you are doing well and that you've conquered the slowdowns and lock-downs.

As many of you have written me recently expressing interest in either the 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Day-trading Course, our New "MMT" : The Market Maker's Trigger' Course, or, our wonderful 'Levitas Principle' Trading Course, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about . . .

. . . Our New 'Getting Back To Trading' Special Offer.

More than ever, traders are realizing & expressing that they've 'had enough' of the recent changes in the business environment and want to focus even more attention on trading as a means to supplement or replace  their other previous methods of income.

There are serious reasons to consider this as a possibility.

You know that excellent trading discipline and exceptional trading tools are both necessary elements to this income supplement and/or replacement goal being met.

Let's be honest with each other, the lock-down has made most of us a bit more cautious and hesitant to act, (even in our own best interests), these past several months. We've held back and observed the action to try to discern just which way the wind was blowing relative to the Economy.

Well, I think most of us have now come to TWO SOLID conclusions and, those are that:

(A) Markets Will Continue to Trade, provide Large Potential Profits, remain RESPONSIVE and UNRESTRICTED, while,

(B) Regular Businesses will be slower to respond and recover due to government Restrictions & Over-Regulation.

Those are the Realities of Life that self-aware traders and investors are now becoming more aware of.

Therefore, NOW IS THE TIME, for the newly enlightened among you, to acquire (or improve) the Trading & Investing Skills needed to be able to take advantage of the DAILY profit potential that the Markets are now offering.

I'll be contacting a few of you privately that still don't have our latest trading techniques), with a very special 'Getting Back To Trading' Offer that will enable you to arm yourself for the trading battles ahead.

Make no mistake; you still have to act smarter and faster than the average trader in order to pull ahead.

      Stay Upbeat and Positive Mentally and Spiritually!

Visualize Financial Victory!

Everything begins with Imagination. You must hold the image of the Goal already achieved!

The Reality is that the potential Rewards from Trading are greater than ever before, and, have actually increased  their potential profitability due to the forced shut-downs of normal businesses. 

As these businesses come back online, there will be increased demand for both Commodities & manufactured goods (increasing Stock values). This means volatility and great profit potential are ahead on the other side of this recent unpleasantness.

Look how well the online businesses like Amazon did during the 'shutdown'! They grew stronger than ever and their stock prices skyrocketed.

For those who don't receive my private e-mail, you may also take part in this 'Getting Back To Trading' Special Offer.


Contact me at the e-mail address below to get started. - Excellent Trading. - George