EUR/USD: Long-term Entry & Exit Points . . .

The ​EUR/USD Forex Market pair has been locked in a sideways, long-term non-trend for several months now. ​Even so, 'Fibonacci Trends' has been able to discern significant, profit possibilities during this time.

​Applying the 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Technique to the EUR/USD on a longer-term basis reveals four entry points for new trades/exits, four-Stop points which HELD and the current Exit to the present Long trade put on in early September. To view these points better, you can simply roll your mouse over and, CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE

​Our Trading Course Library can help you to locate these important turning points on both long-term and intra-day time frames​Our recent focus has been on our amazing 'Fibonacci Trends' Method, but, we have many other excellent choices - George