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By George R. Harrison

I shouldn't be amazed any more, but, every time I post about an exotic or unusual market, someone unsubscribes from our mailing list. Like Bitcoin, the fastest growing market for 2017, certainly that qualifies for coverage if one is seeking profit opportunity, yes?

Evidently, there's a new crop of traders or investors who are misunderstanding the whole purpose of speculating: which is to make a profit!

To make a profit, we need to know where Profit is hanging it's hat at any particular time. That's where our study of the Markets come in.

This isn't an idea that I invented either. It's the Name of the Game. WD Gann speculated in everything and every market you could find in his day (including the Cuban Lottery!). Commodities, Stocks. It didn't matter to him. It shouldn't matter to you either if you wish to emulate the Master Trader, WD Gann himself.

That thing called 'Luck' favors those who are open to new opportunities, not the old ones that have already come and gone.

The 'Crowd' is still looking in the usual places for lost pennies on the ground while the Dollars have moved to new, more welcome places.

This is just how Life is, and, we're well into a new era where the quick & agile investor who's willing to try new things is going to later be called, admiringly, a Financial Pioneer and Genius!

So, for those who think new or unusual markets are uncomfortable, you need to re-examine just why you're in the trading or investing Game at all. Doing what everyone else is doing will only yield the same results that they're getting; meager at best and usually with miserable returns on capital risked.

It's not a choice really. Not if you wish to be one of the 'favored' and 'Lucky' few, the successful new investors who saw Opportunity while everyone else was still looking in their familiar & friendly back yards.

You see, it never is 'Luck', it's leaving oneself open to Opportunity, wherever it comes from.

Have a great new Week. - George


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