The Law of Distraction . . .

     Opportunity Is Where You Find It . . .

While Most Were Looking At The Stock Market's 1.39% Gains . . .

By George R. Harrison

Continuing our discussion of just where to look for Profit Opportunities, let's take a look at objective performance numbers and use them as a guide for a moment. Let's see what Opportunities presented themselves:

Let's take a short time period, like a month's time for instance; Just what kind of gains have taken place in the markets most investors are participating in like the Stock Market.

That's where the majority are taught to place their faith. Just how well did it pay off over last month? Well, the S&P 500 Cash market paid a whopping 1.39% over last month. The Dow Jones Index? Not quite that good at only 0.72%.

Granted, you could have done a little better by employing the leverage found in futures or options, but, was this really the 'golden ticket' for gains? Not at all.

Here's a different figure for returns during the same time period: 18.21% gains for the month. What Market? Again, one that's rarely looked at; Rough Rice, a futures-traded Commodity. Ah, that's Better!

The Rough Rice Market Made 18.21% Gains . . . On Cash!

How about Cocoa at 10.92%? Or Lean Hogs at 10.71%? Even one of the Grains, Oats, put in a good performance of 8.66% over the last 30-days.

And, I've only presented the LONG trades here so far.

It turns out that there were several notable gains on the SHORT side in some of the other commodities. And, these are futures markets where you can just as easily go short (Sell) as you can go Long (Buy).

Orange Juice has a gain from Selling of 16.1%. Live Cattle performed well by declining 9.71%, while Lumber went down by 8.29%. Sugar pulled back by 7.87% and Natural Gas declined by 5.77%.

All of these markets could have been profited from (by being on the right side, of course!). Opportunity was there and, I can guarantee that almost no traders (except the Professionals) came even close to considering the markets mentioned.

80% of traders don't even consider Selling markets short. That leaves the 20% minority who will sell short without much competition to crowd them. It's really too bad, but, these are numbers you can work with and profit from.

Declining markets should hold NO FEAR for the master speculator.

We deal in TECHNIQUE; Masterful Techniques that can be applied equally to Long or Short Market Opportunities.

I hope this lengthy list of Opportunities that presented themselves over just the last month will awaken a few to the wonders that lie out there beyond the newspaper and media doom-and-gloom promoters.

Doom, Gloom and Depression won't help you move on to the next level.

SKILL and a sharp eye for where Opportunities are taking place WILL. - George


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