Friday’s E-mini S&P Signals: $2K+

​One of the top Day Trading Markets Gave Beautiful BUY & SELL Signals Friday.

​Besides the opportunity presented to Crude Oil traders shown in our previous post, active ​S&P E-min Traders AND, owners of the 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Technique, ​also found a 'goldmine' trading opportunity last Friday​.

​Here again, there were just two entry signals (one Long and one Short). ​

Those two signals alone could have presented one with over $2,000 USD in potential profit opportunity during the course of about 15-hours time.​

Also; this would have been without the distraction and stresses of being popped out of the trend prematurely.

​Don't let anyone tell you that there's no profit potential in these Markets!

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  • January 26, 2020