‘Mind The (Price) Gap’

​Early Warning of Today's Price Drop . . .

​The ability to 'sense' upcoming price trend changes can present us with profit opportunity and the ability to limit risk of loss.

​Today was an excellent example, prices gapped downwards from the previous day's Close.

​"Who could have seen this coming?"

​YOU Could Have Seen This Coming!! But, only if armed with the 'Solar Trader' Technique.

An occasion like this presented the opportunity to obtain a Put Option with a view to the next day's trade using our 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Technique.

​That option would have mushroomed in Value with the opening bell today. The chart above shows just how early you would have had an opportunity to ACT, and, it gave one plenty of time to respond to this kind of Early Signal which only this trading method offers.

I've given many examples in the posts on this website and, while this particular opportunity for the next day's price action doesn't present itself every day, this is just another benefit that comes with this unique intra-day trading method. ​

​Write me here for more information about the requested donation level for this Special Natural Timing Course. - George

  • January 27, 2020