Formula: Chaos = Profit Opportunities

Global Chaos can provide ideal conditions for day-traders with a Plan and an Exceptional Trading Method.

Today brought yet another excellent example as S&P 500 prices dropped downwards rapidly and then, rebounded upwards again.

It's more than a little ironic that global chaotic events (whether economic or virus-based) have to, by their erratic natures, provide market volatility and with it, profit opportunities for the short-term trader who has a PLAN and a METHOD to work that Plan.

So, it's important not to panic, but, to instead, look for those special moments to provide yourself with a profit incentive to 'carry on' (while the masses hide in the corner), and turn those public-perceived 'lemons' into profitable, day-trading 'lemonade'.

If you have the Discipline, we have the Trading Methods, custom-built for times just like these. 

These methods won't find you. You have to reach out and grab them while they're still available.

Average traders won't act on these opportunities. This is what makes them average.

Instead, they'll be waiting for the 'group-think' in the media to tell them what to do. If the media leaders say 'panic!', then, they'll panic. If they say, "uncertainty, stand back.", then, they'll hesitate and let every opportunity just cruise on by.

If you're reading the posts on this website, then, you're clearly not 'average' and, you're instead a 'seeker' of what works. You have my respect and, those are the very traders this website is focused on serving.

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