NOW AVAILABLE! Limited Downloadable Course Offerings

​Adapting to Present & Future ​Shipping Restrictions, ​Get Secured, Course Downloadable Access For The Next Few Months . . .

​The pandemic scare and transportation precautions that are being taken or planned, may interrupt some shipping routes for our clients, so, we've decided to adapt to these conditions rather than fight them. 

This is the same philosophy we take towards the Markets as we've been advocating for many years now.

To get around the difficulties and potential delays caused by the recent flu scare, I've made arrangements to digitize and make accessible each course of instruction and trading method we have in our Academy Library in order that everyone ordering a new course can have immediate, same-day access to them in this format.

​I'm willing to make the courses available in this downloadable format for the next few months until conditions stabilize on the shipping front, so, this is definitely a LIMITED OPPORTUNITY.

​Here's what you can gain as a BENEFIT at this time during this downloadable format offer:

​1. Same-Day Access to the Course(s) of Your Choice. No waiting days for customs or delivery by couriers. You'll have your Course the SAME DAY AS ORDERED!

​2. Reduced donation requirements. ​Obtain that trading method you've been dreaming of for less than ever before.​​​ Because of our reduced costs for printing, binding, packaging, paperwork, delivery services and shipping, we can now offer you a reduced cost on every course you may wish to obtain.

​3. Self-Printing Privileges. You'll be licensed to print out your own copy of each course ordered. You'll have a generous time period to ​print your own, personally printed copy that is uniquely registered in your name.

​4.​ 24/7 Access to a Digital Copy of your Course for reference on your own computer or laptop. ​Study or review the concepts & techniques at your leisure even away from home on your laptop with a safe, secure and protected​​​ digital copy of your trading or instructional course.

5. A Flexible, Portable format that's as modern as today. Why be limited to location when it comes to access to the tools of your trade? Once loaded onto your laptop, your private access code will place your courses at your command wherever you travel.

​So, check the Course listing at the top of the page under the 'Trading Courses' menu tab, and, pick the course you've always been wanting. THIS IS YOUR TIME!​​​

Write me here ​to learn how you can take advantage of this special, downloadable course format offer. - George