“There’s Nothing New Under the Sun”: The 100-Year Cycle of Pandemics & Disease

​W.D. Gann took notice of this disease-repeating Cycle in ​his 1927 'Tunnel Thru The Air' Book

Each Generation that comes to this planet comes with a clean slate. No History or sense of what came before they arrived is given. History must be studied unbiased and, it's Lessons taken to heart for those who wish to have some kind of handle on the Future.

Fortunately, W.D. Gann took the time to look back, way back into History to learn about it's secrets and it's secret cycles. Yes, there are Cycles that repeat with uncanny accuracy and, if we're diligent, we too can learn and prepare for what's expected next in the immediate years ahead.

Mr. Gann wrote this: "What proof of the 100-year cycle do we get from 100-years ago of what has happened in the past few years? (written in 1927) . . .
In the United States, between 1814 and 1822, we had crop failures, war and yellow fever, especially from 1819 to 1822. In 1821 Persia was visited with Asiatic cholera. In 1823 cholera broke out in several ports along the Mediterranean. During the same period, corresponding to 100-years ago, the United States had the terrible epidemic of influenza and in Europe, Russia was visited with famine, cholera and all kinds of diseases, killing millions. In 1822 there was a famine in Ireland and 100 years later they were winding up their troubles and trying to make settlement and peace
with England. In 1922 China and Russia were both suffering from famines, another proof of the 100-year cycle." - W.D. Gann, 1927, "Tunnel Thru The Air", pgs. 80-81.

​You'll note in the above chart of the history of pandemics that prior to the 1820's, there was also a surge in the 1720's, the 1620's as well as in the 1520's. This Cycle Repeats!

And, so, we find ourselves here, 100-Years later than the 1918-1920's Spanish Flu Epidemic, looking at the repeat of yet another global epidemic. Hopefully, this time around, we'll all be better prepared than those a century ago were.

Today's repeat of those previous Cycles is a good teaching tool for those willing to learn from it.​

​Cycles Exist and R-E-P-E-A-T.

​The 100-Year Cycle isn't the only Cycle out there  that's affecting our World today.

​There is another powerful Cycle that repeats with uncanny accuracy and has over the last 200 + Years.

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