Gold Price Drop Ahead? . . .

From: George R. Harrison; St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, July 1, 2017

We're at another important tipping point for Gold . . .

"The above chart is only a portion of the Original. The original chart appears in it's complete form in our Special Report #4, (available to all our clients & students).

GOLD is weakening by the day with important support resting at $1235.

I wanted to post an extract of the Gold Analysis Chart that's been made available to our private clients & students in order to alert all concerned to the impending weakness in Gold that's being telegraphed to those with eyes to see.

I can't show all the reasons here, as they're more understandable to those who have already been exposed to our courses and methods as well as the Master Course materials.

However, I did want to at least alert our casual visitors to the present conditions in this market. Yes, it's possible that a spike in prices could occur, however, it would need the confirmation of a Close above $1250 to be able to sustain a new upswing trend.

If you're a previous purchaser of any of our courses, you're welcome to send me your e-mail address to be added to our exclusive Special Report list (no yahoo or gmail e-mail addresses, however, as they're blocking these reports at present).

I suggest you get a free e-mail address from and send me that new address. I'll send you all the back issues and bring you right up to date.

It's been my pleasure to provide Unique and Select Trading Course Methods that are capable of alerting an investor or trader EARLY about an impending major trend movement in price. These are strictly limited in number and protected by a strong NDA. Very, very few are destined to ever learn them or learn of them. You could put those odds in your favor today. If you're ready. If you're willing.

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