The Reason for the Predictions Given Here . . .

From: George R. Harrison; St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, June 29, 2017

This is the Product of a Skill, Not an Exercise in Ego . . .

I've received a few e-mails recently from newcomers to this website who, somehow, have missed the point of what 'Lost Secrets' means. This is referring to previously lost 'Trading Techniques or Formulas' of Mr. W.D. Gann or, to the discoveries of myself over the last half-century; formulas & understandings that reveal meaning and display order to the Markets.

In short, there's a underlying REASON behind the predictions given here. These are not whims of emotions or ego picking prices out of the air. They are the result of Technique, of Method.

There are Rules; even Natural Laws of Mathematics and Geometry that back up the price projections given. Any errors made are those of application only and not a reflection of the foundational structure underlying the markets. Predictions based on facts. Yes. But, guesses? No.

Some have mistaken the predictive projections of price in the markets as just another opinion or guess; even offering their own guesses to me by e-mail as if they were of the same kind or quality, but, without any justification or track record behind them. My record here extends back many years now for those who take the time to examine the archives on this site or the old website.

Sadly, most have no REASON for their price picks. Only feelings. Frankly, that's like almost all the others out there making random guesses each and every day, and, usually, to no avail, (unlike those recent predictions offered here which usually end up correct and uncannily accurate).

Don't Be Like Them. Have a REASON for your trading decisions. Have a solid METHOD to provide that REASON. This will rapidly separate you from the 'confused crowd' of even advanced traders.

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