When it comes to anticipating Gold’s next move, we need to acknowledge one of the fundamentals of trading:  An answer to the question: “Just where are GOLD prices most likely to go next?” is valuable information.

This is especially so, when the techniques used have been proven over and over again over the last 4+ years to be highly accurate as to timing and price targets (as it has with this website and our sister site

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The GOLD market has signaled new price weakness that should manifest within the next few days at most.

goldThe chart above shows with the orange circle where Time & Price have met and balanced out.

The next move should be strongly downward with some support at around $1205 and stronger support at around $1183.

If prices take out the lows, then $1140 should become the next target low to watch.

However, should strength come back into the Gold market prices would first have to penetrate and close above $1240 on the daily in order for Time & Price to re-establish themselves as a continuing uptrend. – George   [/private_WD Gann Trading Secrets Group]