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‘Fake News’ and the Financial Media

You ALWAYS Have to Check the Facts! 

BANKS: While the masses were busy wringing their hands in fear going into the Election due to the regular and financial media stories, Bank Stocks as a group started to move upwards, in essence, they already cast their vote in favor of increased prosperity. However, no one else even noticed.

If you possessed one of our outstanding technical analysis tools (like 'The Excalibur Trading Method' as just one example), and, you routinely surveyed charts of the major Industry Groups, you'd have been tipped off at the very beginning of this very profitable upwards industry trend.

Folks are just now discovering that the mainstream media has been lying for decades now by manufacturing and promoting 'fake news' narratives and fear.

Well, the Financial Media publications, television and news outlets have been conducting this same 'fake news' (agenda-driven propaganda) approach to sway investors away from profitable positioning. for just as long.

Fewer have awoken from this illusion than have about the mainstream news media of late, but, as the true trends of the markets assert themselves (in spite of the news stories to the contrary), more will certainly awaken in the weeks and months ahead.

Hopefully, it won't be from the shock of the unexpected.

You need to learn the True Trends, Price Turns and the Universal Forces at work in every Global Market.

This is that time of year when it's good to review the real trends at work in our World. We'll be examining some others in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned . . .

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It’s A Great Time To Be An Investor & Trader!

No Better Time. No Better Markets! 

Our Unique Trading Methods Continue To Locate Profit Opportunities in a Wide Range of Markets.

A recent example is the GOLD market shown on the price chart above. At an unexpected price point, the Excalibur (and our other) Trading Method(s) triggered a SELL signal.

HisWithin just 11-trading days, a single hypothetical futures contract could have gained over $8,000. A handsome and swiftly made profit indeed. Those trading 5 and 10 lots would have enjoyed $40,000 and $80,000 for the same price movement.

And, this wasn't just a one-shot trading opportunity either.

While the masses were busy watching Crude Oil prices, the Natural Gas Market rocketed upwards from it's low base and provided an exceptional, hypothetical profit as large as $5,000 per contract; $25,000 per 5-lot and $50,000 per 10-liat trade. This all occurred within just 10-trading days!

If you've been following us on this website or through the e-mail updates for a while, you already know the incredible accuracy of the calls made using these unique methods and market technology.

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Unexpected! Gold Still Locked In Downtrend.


Aw, you have to just love it. The press and the talking heads and gold merchants are forever plying their story line about GOLD dramatically rising with no limits in sight. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be able to say that this was what was going on right now, but, that would only be joining the emotional crowd and spouting ‘feel good’ market reports.

GOLD: The Whole Truth

Gold has been declining ever since 2011. That’s about 5 years now.

gold4Yes, there has been some positive movement upwards over the last year, but, this only from the extreme lows made in December last year. Yes, there’s been lots of news about Gold lately as it has rallied to it’s present high area. But, No, this isn’t the good news most suppose.

The reason Gold is back in the news is because GOLD has rallied to a top made a year ago and, from which, it promptly declined to make new lows. We face a similar possibility again. This can be clearly seen on the chart above once we take away the emotional excitement and the bad economic news (which is everywhere it seems).

Everyone wants a rocket ride to the Moon with Gold as the launch vehicle. This will come in it’s time, but, don’t be fooled by the loud voices. These same voices have been wrong now for years. They have no credibility left or shouldn’t. For years, on this website, I’ve told the Truth about the markets over and over again. Not that the predictions were popular, but . . . they were almost always correct especially about the long-term trends and the fake rallies and dips. Those of you who have been following for years now know this to be true.

If GOLD can break above $1300 on the Weekly Close, only then, can we prepare for a real ride to the upside and an end to the 5-year decline we’ve seen. What we’re likely to see instead though is another decline to lower levels. Watch for prices to break steeply lower if we have a Daily Close below $1200. Stronger confirmation will occur if we have a Weekly Close below $1200. – George


There’s a new e-mail address to be used for contacting me (due to an avalanche of spam at the old address) you can either enter your email into the slide-in info request box to be entered into our new member list or you can note the new address at: grharrison(at)wdgann-lost-secrets.com [replace the (at) with the @ symbol]. Thank you.

Excalibur Price Trigger for GOLD


One of the lessons we’ve drawn from our decades of research in price charts and markets is the lesson of repetitive opportunities. A good market trend presents not just one, but, many good points to join in on the trend direction.

You’ve seen many examples of it on this website as we’ve presented many examples of price trigger points during a strong market directional price move.

gold4The Gold market has been a good example.

This trend has gone on and downwards for 3-years now.

Over and over we used a single tool to help locate optimal price points where prices were expected to break down.

The Excalibur Method detected numerous wonderful points to enter the decline in Gold and today was another example of the results of putting the Excalibur Method to work in a single market.

As shown on the chart above, a trigger price was detected last Friday.

This was the signal that Gold was expected to drop even further. Well, the Gold market decline followed through with an impressive drop of over $25 at one point today. This even with the delay of a holiday on Monday!

Yet another impressive indication that, at least one method of market analysis, actually works and does so again and again.

This will not be the last time we’ll see such impressive opportunities in this market. I’d encourage you to investigate the methodology behind these trigger points. Investigate the Excalibur Method for yourself. – George



When it comes to anticipating Gold’s next move, we need to acknowledge one of the fundamentals of trading:  An answer to the question: “Just where are GOLD prices most likely to go next?” is valuable information.

This is especially so, when the techniques used have been proven over and over again over the last 4+ years to be highly accurate as to timing and price targets (as it has with this website and our sister site www.money-tigers.com).

What everyone wants to know is just to the right of where the chart below stops.


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The GOLD market has signaled new price weakness that should manifest within the next few days at most.

goldThe chart above shows with the orange circle where Time & Price have met and balanced out.

The next move should be strongly downward with some support at around $1205 and stronger support at around $1183.

If prices take out the lows, then $1140 should become the next target low to watch.

However, should strength come back into the Gold market prices would first have to penetrate and close above $1240 on the daily in order for Time & Price to re-establish themselves as a continuing uptrend. – George   [/private_WD Gann Trading Secrets Group]