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‘Fake News’ and the Financial Media

You ALWAYS Have to Check the Facts! 

BANKS: While the masses were busy wringing their hands in fear going into the Election due to the regular and financial media stories, Bank Stocks as a group started to move upwards, in essence, they already cast their vote in favor of increased prosperity. However, no one else even noticed.

If you possessed one of our outstanding technical analysis tools (like 'The Excalibur Trading Method' as just one example), and, you routinely surveyed charts of the major Industry Groups, you'd have been tipped off at the very beginning of this very profitable upwards industry trend.

Folks are just now discovering that the mainstream media has been lying for decades now by manufacturing and promoting 'fake news' narratives and fear.

Well, the Financial Media publications, television and news outlets have been conducting this same 'fake news' (agenda-driven propaganda) approach to sway investors away from profitable positioning. for just as long.

Fewer have awoken from this illusion than have about the mainstream news media of late, but, as the true trends of the markets assert themselves (in spite of the news stories to the contrary), more will certainly awaken in the weeks and months ahead.

Hopefully, it won't be from the shock of the unexpected.

You need to learn the True Trends, Price Turns and the Universal Forces at work in every Global Market.

This is that time of year when it's good to review the real trends at work in our World. We'll be examining some others in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned . . .

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The Road to Trading Independence . . .

For some time now, and to only a few, I’ve been offering a road map to Independence and Freedom trading the markets. Independence & Freedom can only come from profound KNOWLEDGE.

Take a look and listen to the new Video shown above. This will have deep meaning to a few of you; those select few who are seeking MORE from Life and Trading.

During this time of awakening, many eyes are being opened to the true structure of the world (including that of finance and investments) and, now, you can become one of them.

Most long-time visitors to our website know that they are witnessing something extraordinary at work over the weeks and months when they seek pivotal and profitable price turns in trend announced early, often and for every kind of market imaginable.

The Truth is that trading successfully is a process of raising one’s Consciousness; one’s Awareness of the World within which they are playing the trading ‘Game’.

Those fortunate few who have reached out to take our Courses; those brave Souls who have chosen to take the risk to learn the inner workings and secrets of the markets and their price movements continue to earn their ample Rewards. They were willing to 'pay the price' for their Success.

Courage requires Correct Actions and Correct Actions Yield Great Rewards.

By taking either one of our exclusive, stand-alone trading Courses (The ‘Stairway’ or ‘The Excalibur Trading Method’ or others) or, even more fortunately, 'The Master Course' (which we offer to just a few clients each year); you'll be learning what the Market itself defines as 'Correct Action' and, thereby, put yourself in line for the subsequent 'Great Rewards'.

Have a Great New Year!

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It’s A Great Time To Be An Investor & Trader!

No Better Time. No Better Markets! 

Our Unique Trading Methods Continue To Locate Profit Opportunities in a Wide Range of Markets.

A recent example is the GOLD market shown on the price chart above. At an unexpected price point, the Excalibur (and our other) Trading Method(s) triggered a SELL signal.

HisWithin just 11-trading days, a single hypothetical futures contract could have gained over $8,000. A handsome and swiftly made profit indeed. Those trading 5 and 10 lots would have enjoyed $40,000 and $80,000 for the same price movement.

And, this wasn't just a one-shot trading opportunity either.

While the masses were busy watching Crude Oil prices, the Natural Gas Market rocketed upwards from it's low base and provided an exceptional, hypothetical profit as large as $5,000 per contract; $25,000 per 5-lot and $50,000 per 10-liat trade. This all occurred within just 10-trading days!

If you've been following us on this website or through the e-mail updates for a while, you already know the incredible accuracy of the calls made using these unique methods and market technology.

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Brexit: Let The Calmer Traders Prevail

With The RIGHT KNOWLEDGE . . . You Could See This Coming!!

Our Clients/Students have the edge when it comes to predicting  market-shaking events. The stark truth of price & event charts have proven this time and again.

'Brexit' was no different really. Watching the sheer panic that followed the 'Brexit' vote shows that just having money isn't enough when events create changes in the markets themselves. At these times Strategy based on true market KNOWLEDGE is what wins the day . . .

Read More On 'Brexit' Here . . .

The Great Bull Market Confirmation


By G. R. Harrison (2014)

sp500Question: “What is one of the fundamental characteristics of a Great Bull Market when it starts?”

Answer: The Public’s absolute refusal to believe it!

This has been a constant rule throughout stock market history and is happening today again.

Check it out for yourself.

What’s the attitude of the ‘experts’ on the various media platforms; are they positive or negative on the market?

If you’re reading and listening to the same sources I am, then you know that they’re by-and-large awaiting a technical ‘pull-back’ in the market.

Some even expect a panic sell-off or an outright crash. Someday these events will happen, of course, but not today or next week according to these charts.

This is an error caused by too short a time perspective and a misunderstanding of the power of market momentum built up over a long period of time.

Take a look now at the chart above.

It covers a 25-year period of history for the S&P 500. More importantly, this chart shows that today’s stock market as represented by the S&P has broken out of a 13-Year sideways trend and taken out a double-top.

Both of the previous stock market tops were historic highs for their time periods (2000 and 2007).

We’ve now exceeded them both and the angle of ascent is strong. There’s a great deal of built-up momentum for this move and it’s strength isn’t believed by the masses of average investors.

sp500-2This website pointed out this strong market move back in July of 2013 when we predicted that the market was strong and headed higher.

How could this be done so early on into the move?

Well, it takes a ‘guidance’ instrument that can see past the headlines and gossip.

One that’s based on natural law instead of discredited man-made economic theories or technical indicators used by millions of other traders.

To stand apart from other traders, I recommend ‘the Excalibur Method’ as that ‘guidance’ instrument to all my clients.

You can find out more by clicking HERE. – George



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