While Others Are Chasing Rainbows . . .

While The Crowd Is Chasing 'GameStop' Dreams

The Disciplined Trader Stays Focused On Their Market !

Long-term Successful Traders become experts in their select market! 

This means they patiently wait for that market to signal its intentions and, then, ACT.

No One Can Trade Around The Clock,

But, Opportunity Is Always There

This doesn't mean that one can't trade a high flyer like GameStop (GME), when it comes around, but, you'll find most of the speculators who got into this stock got into it earlier and with a PLAN. If you have the patience, you can do the same in time.

The very same proprietary trading methods used for the signal points on the E-mini chart above, would have given a timely entry before the giant run-up in GameStop.

Let's take a quick look at the chart and see what we can find for a signal . . .

Those traders looking to trade significant breakouts from sideways trading ranges had several opportunities to do so as shown above.

One of the Legendary Traders, Michael Burry, Took This Trade

Mr. Burry, using his own unique methods of analysis, came to the conclusion that GameStop was a trade position worth taking with good possibilities.

Boy, Was He Ever Right!

The best analytical tools often give entry and exit points that are close in price to each other.

Indeed, our techniques also detected a shift in the price momentum for GameStop (GME) even a bit earlier than where Mr. Burry came in with his millions to invest.

How did all this look when we compress Time and bring it up to date?

Pretty spectacular, that's how!

Of course, this is a Historical Trade and, not one to be expected to repeat.

Although, Markets are now becoming very volatile as a result of this trade and a few other markets were affected like it, so, perhaps there are more opportunities ahead than we can imagine. Never rule that out!

Will you be ready with the right tools when the next GameStop comes into view?

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