Overnight Vs. the NY Session

Each Offers Many Avenues to Potential Profit.

Your Current Location Is Not A Limitation To Opportunity!

Many have written over the years about whether our trading methods can be used for the markets that trade overnight.

The short answer is: "YES.".

The longer answer is that ALL of our trading methods and techniques are derived from fundamental, mathematical LAWS.

What does that mean?

Well, to start with, a Natural Law is not subject to Man's whims or time zone creations.

Instead, it works the other way around. Man is subject to the Laws of Nature and can't escape them no matter how clever he thinks he is.

Because that's the level of perfection we set out to discover from our research work over the last 5-Decades, we achieved results that just WORK; no matter what Market being followed and no matter what time frame for charting that's being examined

This is extremely important as we have Clients and Students that live all around the globe.

It's important to know that no one is restricted from the amazing profit opportunities that the markets present daily by their present physical location or time zone.

Best New Year Wishes: George