‘Nature’s Way’ Vs. ‘My Way’ When It Comes To Trading . . .

Why do we insist on 'My Way' instead of 'Nature's Way?

Don't Do It 'Your Way', When 'Nature's Way' Can Do This!

Man is a funny creature, partly Divine in Nature, but, almost totally confused in every other area he pursues.

Ego, our sense of our own self-importance, tries to rise and fill the confusion gap, but, only makes things worse in the long run.

Here's a law of Human Nature which we hide from each other and ourselves: Man hates Simplicity and Harmony.

Digging a little deeper, we find that we dislike acknowledging a power greater than ourselves is at work in our World and Universe and that we really have no control over it.

The only 'control' we find ourselves left with is to either comply and flow with these Natural Laws at work all around us or to rebel against them and fight them head on because 'we' have a different view on how 'things ought to be'.

Well, guess how this all works out and has always worked out?

That's right. The story is an old one. The 'Rebels' lose and the Empire of Nature Wins.

If we wish to be intelligent, knowing how this story goes, we should opt for the easier Path and not fight the forces that are strongly arrayed against those doing the 'wrong thing.

In the Markets, this amounts to controlling our Egos, greed and emotions and finding the Natural Trend and following it, while strictly controlling risk exposure to 2% and less of our account's value for every trade made while targeting profits of at least 2:1 versus risk exposure.

This approach will align oneself with Nature instead of against it and, combined with an entry and exit trading system tool or tools, (which must also be based upon Natural Law), will remove most obstacles from one's path to Trading Success.

Best New Year Wishes: George