Here’s What Happened While You Were Busy Being Distracted . . .

              A Seismic Shift In The US DOLLAR & EURO Trend Is Happening Right NOW!

Funny thing isn't it; the Mainstream Press is Talking About a Declining Dollar, Not A Rising Dollar!

In a typical power play by those at the top of the pyramid, they want the masses to SELL their Dollars out to them so they can accumulate and run the Dollar upwards to increase their wealth even more. It's not the first time. This time you're aware of it though!

The EURO Is Going Down!

It's hardly surprising that the EURO is now Declining as well.

Europe is on the ropes and it's response to the recent crises have been too heavy-handed to stimulate the Economy. In fact, it's done the opposite and is destroying the Economy of Europe. Of course, their currency will reflect it, regardless of all the 'happy talk' in the deluded press.

These are two MAJOR shifts taking place that the powers-that-be would like you to overlook. Become awake and then you can take advantage of this information and take a ride on the money train with the rest of the elites.

Let these Changes Work FOR You: George